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58% of viewers will watch the entirety of a business’ video if it’s less than 60 seconds long.

Most of the films on here have worked hard for both websites and social media. We keep track of activity and will offer advice when we think advice is needed.

A viral video is the dream, but unless Charlie bit your finger, a viral hit is usually quite a random event. Just having an awesome film isn’t enough to hit the sweet spot – you need to spread it far and wide and keep doing it, over and over. If you’re anything like me, I’ll probably end up watching a film online the tenth time it’s popped up, often just to stop it popping up, then I’m in – they’ve got me!

Some films we’ve made have done incredibly well on social media and it’s such a thrill to see them pop up on my feed. 

Here are some top tips to ensure you get the very best from your film:


  • Share the video internally with all your employees, send as an email attachment or add to your company intranet system, so that each employee has the opportunity to watch the video before the general public. To see the video before general release will see a great boost in staff morale.
  • Use the video on a loop system across internal computer/TV screens such as in reception, the boardroom, the canteen, the staff room, the staff toilets, or use the video as a screensaver across all company desktop and laptop computers.  It will be a reminder that you are continually marketing your business.
  • Take some stills from the film shoot, have them printed and framed and placed around the office.  This will be a long-term reminder of the film your company has had produced.


  • Include the video on both your company website and your company YouTube channel, if you have one.  If you have a news section on your website this would make a great news story.
  • Make sure that all your social media channels showcase the video.  Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all excellent for viewing video footage, plus your Instagram account can showcase stills from the film shoot.
  • If your company is customer facing, and you are perhaps a retailer, café, restaurant, hotel etc then use the video footage on any screens you may have for the customer to see, on the shop floor or in reception for example.  It may make a nice talking point amongst customers.
  • If you distribute a weekly or monthly newsletter include the footage or some stills in your next scheduled newsletter.  Your customers will be thrilled to see what you have been busy working on.
  • Include the video within all your corporate presentations; make it a key focus when pitching to potential or existing clients.  Add it to a digital presentation or a PowerPoint presentation.  It is always worth promoting your business through a film before going head on into a pitch.
  • If you physically post a business pack to potential or existing clients be sure to transfer your video onto a memory/USB stick and include this within your business pack.  It will be light relief to some to be able to break away from work to watch a short a film/video that you have sent them.
  • Do you host corporate events, exhibitions or awards ceremonies? If you do, then use the video while guests are on stage as a backdrop on a big screen, or on a laptop whilst at an exhibition stand.
  • If your budget allows, use the video as a TV advert to promote your company.  Equally, if you do have advertising budget but don’t have TV advertising budget, there is always the option go to your local newspaper or radio station and request advertising rates to place your video on the news pages of their website (news pages secure the most views on a newspaper website).
  • Invite This Film to share your company video via This Film’s social media channels and website.  This way you will gain an extra promotional push on your video, reaching more potential customers and clients.

Enjoy your film!

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